Of Stones and Stars

Recorded by: Martin Baumann and George Necola at Caladmor Homestudio and George Necola Studio; except Drums recorded at Bau2 Studio by Roman Frischknecht
Produced by: Martin Baumann and George Necola
Mixed by: George Necola at George Necola Studio
Mastered by: Jonas Ekström at Mastertone Studio Sweden



1. Curse of the Gods
2. The Raid
3. Of Stones and Stars
4. Dawn of the Deceiver
5. Alvíssmál
6. Laudine’s Lament
7. Mimirs Born
8. Heralds of Doom
9. A Nymph’s Lure
10. Taberna Trollis
11. Helios Sky


Recorded and mixed at Eversound Studios by George Necola
Additional recordings at  Caladmor Home Studios
Mastered at Eversound Studios by Martin Korth
Release by Twilight Records, Germany


1. Praeludium
2. All that remains
3. 1405 A.D.
4. Midwinter
5. Your tree
6. Darkness
7. Nornengesang
8. My rescue
9. Burning star
10. Ode to Oblivion
11. Wayfarer


Frühere Releases unter altem Bandnamen Pale:

The Bridge (EP 2007)

Aeternitas (Demo 2006)

Beneath the Tree of Wisdom
(Demo 2005)

Live at abart (2003)


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